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A tapestry of experiences, created by working a versatile collection of PR and marketing positions, combine to create the skills and knowledge I bring to my clients. Some of the more outstanding opportunities over my career range from guiding global public relations when Fallingwater underwent historic renovations; to supervising the University of Pittsburgh Greek Week to record-breaking fundraiser totals.

I’ve been the first human to enter a newly discovered branch of Laurel Caverns, and I’ve knocked on the door of grieving parents to get their loved one’s photo for a news article. As a school district spokeswoman, I coordinated public affairs for a 43-mill increase, and I steered crisis communications when sexual misconduct charges surfaced for a district worker.

I’ve created and implemented marketing projects for a major trade union, aspects of which are now “best practices” templates. It’s with my construction clients where I learned negotiations, flexibility, problem-solving and the power of electronic communications.

Now that I run Michelle Merlo Communications, lessons learned from my past fuel superior work today. But my real secret is tapping fundamentals learned from my parents: My clients are respected. They are told the truth (even if it may hurt a bit). And they get more than an hour’s worth of work for an hour’s pay.

As my client, you’ll always stay informed, I’ll always have your best interests in mind, and we will even have some fun in the process.


“Work hard, respect the client’s time and budget, and deliver solid results. That’s what drives me.”